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The History of the Barclay Hotel

A collection of true short stories both epic and tragic

Written by J.M. Moore

Barclay Hotel



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In the lives of so many a people in this world; there are achievements and shortcomings, finding love and losing love, being born and eventually dying. As we grow older we also grow in wisdom. Everyone has stories to tell and people want to be remembered. Although I am not a human being, I am simply just a building, I too have gone through the ups and downs of the living and I too want to be remembered.


I am older than you who are reading this and, yes, I have many a story to tell.  I would like to shed some light upon the comings and goings, the dastardly deeds, and the more than one dozen deaths I had witnessed during the course of my one

hundred and twenty years of existence. I have completed this memoir to the best of my recollection in hopes that all may learn the truth of what really happened.


I surely do hope I have some insight and understanding to bestow upon you and I’d be much obliged if you'd come pay me a visit one day.  No need to make a reservation, as there is always a vacancy at the Barclay Hotel.



Have you ever wanted to know the stories of the people who have lived in your home before you...or the people who have died in it?  Journey through the eerily quiet halls of this 120-year-old hotel in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.  Discover the true stories of the many suicides, murders, and mysterious accidental deaths that claimed the lives of its past visitors. One case was just as, if not more, brutal and savage as the Black Dahlia murder.


Over the decades misinformation and urban legends have arisen regarding this elusive hotel. Intensive research was conducted and police reports, newspaper articles, and coroner's reports were uncovered. The facts about this hotels tragic history have, for the first time, been brought to the surface in one complete collection.



Barclay Hotel

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